a few farm FRIENDS


BoonDoggie Farm was officially launched in 2012, with the purchase of a 50-acre homestead in Southern Maryland. Prior to the property purchase, BDF lived in our hearts and minds, and functioned through donations to area animal shelters and rescues. Now, with our own facility, we are able to provide sanctuary to previously abused and neglected animals.

Here at the farm our focus is providing a loving, caring final home for animals in need. In our care they will find the food, shelter and care they've previously not had.


Donating is more than just time or money, it's peace of mind. Now you can help even the smallest animal. 


Our main source of revenue for operating the sanctuary is through sales of our farm products, namely our Old Bay Pickles and Relish. 

How to connect with area rescues to find your Forever Family Member


MATTIE – Mattie was our first rescue after purchasing the farm. A previously abused "farm dog", this gentle giant was able to live out her final years here on the farm. We miss her every day.

MOOSE– Moose was the inspiration behind BDF. The first of our many dogs, Moose was a ball-loving Golden through and through. Our hearts are a bit empty without him.

PETUNIA – Meet the most loveable pig around town! We fell in love with her the very moment we laid eyes on her. She is a constant source of entertainment and a pal to the dogs.