Frequently Asked Questions


Do You Adopt Out Your Animals?

* No. Once an animal comes to live on the farm, they are here to stay! We operate as a "sanctuary", ensuring each animal has its forever home with plenty of love and care.

How Do You Fund The Farm?

* We are in the process of applying for our nonprofit status, but until that is finalized, we personally cover all expenses and care for the farm and animals. We also raise most of these funds through sales of our farm products, such as our pickles and relish items and special event fees.

We Saw You At A Local Market, How Can We Order More Pickles?

* Did you try our Old Bay Pickles or Relish, and now find yourself addicted? Well, no fear, we have stock and are willing to meet in the local area to provide you with additional jars. Just Contact Us to make arrangements. 

Do You Rent The Farm For Events?

* Currently the only events we host on the farm are the Vintage Flea and Farm Market, which runs on the second Saturday of the month, from May to November, and the BoonDoggie Benefit Bash, a once-yearly fundraiser held each Spring. If you're interested in hosting an event on the property, Contact Us to see if this might be feasible. 

Is The Farm Open To The Public?

* Only during the Vintage Flea and Farm Market. This is a working farm and visits from the public require a fair amount of planning to ensure the safety of our animals and visitors!